Why GMFI token replaced NFTW?

My NFT Wars: Riftwardens
3 min readDec 16, 2022

Hi friends!

As you probably have seen in our socials, we’ve already announced our decision to move from the in-game token NFTW to the ecosystem token GMFI. Now let’s see why we made this decision and what perks you get from it as a gamer, investor, or GameFi enthusiast.

GMFI token and its differtns from NFTW token

GMFI token is the native digital cryptographically-secured utility token of the Play2Earn Ltd. company games ecosystem with the first launch for MY NFT Wars metaverse. It’s a transferable representation of attributed functions specified in the protocol/code of the Play2Earn products, intended to be used solely as the primary utility token within the My NFT Wars ecosystem.

One of the biggest differences between these tokens is that NFTW was intended for My NFT Wars only, but GMFI token will obtain not only MY NFT Wars but the whole Play2Earn ecosystem.

GMFI token and its benefits for Play2Earn ecosystem stakeholders

That means that all the future crypto products, which will be released by Play2Earn LTD will have a positive impact at each other:

  • increase token utility and liquidity. Thanks to the fact that GMFI will be associated not only with the My NFT Wars game but with all other products (produced by Play2Earn company), its utility will scale with each new product. Consequently, GMFI liquidity will increase and the market cup will grow.
  • makes GMFI token more stable. Since more products and partner programs will participate in the p2e ecosystem, GMFI’s utility will not be affected by the success of just one product but will be evenly distributed among the products and ecosystem participants. This will make our token GMFI more stable.

So, MY NFT Wars is the first game with GMFI token, but it will be similarly applied to other products of the Play2Earn ecosystem. That means that all Play2Earn stakeholders (gamers, investors, and partners) will get benefits in highly liquid and ever-growing tokens. As for NFTW, we’ll not use this token anymore at all.

GMFI token in My NFT Wars

The main purpose of the $GMFI token integration is to create an economy-driven ecosystem with the best PlayFi mechanics, for all participants inside and outside the My NFT Wars game and future games ecosystem.

The screen below shows the way to spend obtain $GMFI tokens schematically

We are going to provide stable token liquidity growth through gameplay achievement, profitable liquidity farming, staking and the ability to earn, own, have fun and enjoy.

“High quality = high retention = stable organic liquidity. “

GMFI use cases for our community

We built tokenomics around these approaches and aimed at four major participants of our community and roles with a common secondary role — Token Holder:

  1. Our players
  2. Liquidity Providers
  3. DAO Participants
  4. Game Developers (both first-party and third-party ones)

The $GMFI token will have many use cases, such as

  • Means of payment within existing and future game mechanics.
  • Staking instrument that produces two derivative tokens, which are going to be used in late game meta and governance.
  • Governance instrument with staking.

As you could see, GMFI token will play an equally important role in both the global ecosystem role and the in-game role. This will allow us to make the high token liquidity and make all our community participants happy.

Unlock the new power with the GMFI token!

That’s it for today, but we will be back with new exciting news soon.

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