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6 min readDec 19, 2022

Hey guys, finally we are pleased to announce the launch of our Bounty Ambassador Program! We are looking for individuals who are passionate about GameFi and want to help us build MY NFT Wars community.

We believe this program will help to unite and grow our community on the one hand and give you cool benefits on the other hand. So, check out possible roles and requirements below, and welcome to our board!

Ambassador program

Our Ambassador program is divided into four categories:

● Community Ambassador

● Design Ambassador

● Content Ambassador

● Lingual Ambassador

There are further four categories of classification depending on duties:

● DeGen level (which is gotten based on application)

● One Star Ambassador level

Two Star Ambassador level

● Three Star Ambassador level

In order to become an ambassador, you need to join MY NFT Wars channel https://discord.gg/mynftwars and reach a certain level in My NFT Wars community.

Community Ambassador

To become a Community Ambassador, a project member must have at least 300 Twitter followers as well as Level 8 (NFTWarsBronze IV) in Discord.

As a Community Ambassador, you are required to promote and communicate on our social media channels, including Discord, Twitter, and Telegram, if applicable.

If an Ambassador participates with the community for more than 14 days, invites at least 8 new members, and reaches at least Level 13 (NFTWarsSilver II) in Discord, he will be elevated to the status of Community Ambassador (one star level).

If an Ambassador remains active for more than 28 days, attains Level 18 (NFTWarsSilver IV), and invites at least 15 individuals, he will be promoted to Community Ambassador (two star level).

A Community Ambassador should take part in community involvement and project promotion in other communities.

Design Ambassador

Members must have reached Level 5 (NFTWarsBronze III) in Discord to be eligible for the Design Ambassador programme.

The Design Ambassadors are supposed to create unique pictures based on the MY NFT WARS idea and items.

Create public awareness through memes, infographic designs, posters, sticker packs, GIFs, and other means.

Publishing 10 accepted designs advances you to the incredible job of Design Ambassador (one star level), while publishing 20 approved designs advances you to the two star level.

Please keep in mind that no sexual, violent, or politically charged content should be posted.

Content Ambassador

To be a Content Ambassador, a person must have at least 500 Twitter followers and a Discord level of 5 (NFTWarsBronze III).

Through blogs, forums, and videos, as well as media kits and logos, the Content Ambassadors assist spread the news about MY NFT WARS Project.

Ambassadors can upload articles or videos about MY NFT WARS Project in English or other acceptable language prior to publication once they have been authorised as a Degen based on their application. This content should then be posted on Twitter, tagging the official account of MY NFT WARS.

Three approved content items must be published in order for an Ambassador to be promoted to the One Star level.

Having six published and authorised content contributions results in a two-star Content Ambassador.

An Ambassador can first distribute the information on sites such as YouTube, Reddit, Medium, or any other suitable for public awareness, and then share the link on Twitter so that the team can retweet it.

Lingual Ambassadors

To qualify for a Lingual Ambassador, the member of the community has to be proactive and interested to invite different projects for AMAs with the Core Team of My NFT Wars.

The Lingual Ambassadors enable us to reach out to new regions in their native languages.

Following application, the Lingual Ambassador must translate MY NFT WARS announcements into a regional language and post them in the corresponding Discord regional language channel for at least 14 days.

Translating three allocated articles/posters/videos will grant you the status of Lingual Ambassador with one star.

If the ambassador stays for more than 28 days and translates 6 allocated articles/posters/videos, the job of two star Lingual Ambassador will be assigned relatively.

Being a Three Star Ambassador grants the highest tier benefits, but the status requires good and extraordinary contributions to the MY NFT WARS.


Moderators are accountable for protecting community values by taking the required steps to ensure that our community rules are followed. For example, moderators may be required to remove the information and/or people that breach our standards or to direct conversations away from excessively sensitive themes. Moderators also act as community experts, advising associates when members want guidance or when changes are being considered. In the overall group hierarchy, moderators will report directly to the CL (Community Lead or Head of Community).

The moderator role will allow you to kick, ban, and mute people, remove anything that violates our standards and alter offending usernames.


To make it easier to attract from the community when a role opens, CL will post it on the discord, inviting applications of interest to apply via chat or ticket submission. We require the following minimum qualifications to fill this position:

- You must be an involved part of the community;

- Must be dedicated to the values & vision & mission of the My NFT Wars community;

- Must be mature and capable of handling the power handed down upon you;

- Must be interested in community improvement and the Core Team vision;

- Must be able to promptly identify a course of action and carry it out when necessary;

- Must be recognized as a positive and active member of the community; — Must be transparent and communicative.

What are the benefits for My NFT Wars moderators and ambassadors?

Our Ambassadors and Moderators will be capable of receiving incentives in $MYCOIN.

“MyCoin is a Discord Server coin that is freely convertible for the Utility token — $GMFI at a dynamic ratio based on the token’s valuation.”

Meanwhile, $MYCOIN will be utilized in the shop to obtain special skins, items, and roles within the community as well as the actual game.

Furthermore, there are more opportunities to earn $MYCOIN tokens through other Discord activities, for example, games (in the gamification section), or contributions to the server’s and project’s growth.

Ambassadors will be eligible for 150k $MYCOIN to begin with, based on their server level and other qualifications.

Moderators will be eligible for 90k $MYCOIN to begin with, based on their server level and other qualifications.

One-star, Two-star, and Three-star Moderators or Ambassadors have a higher % (percentage) of tokens they can receive as a reward.

How to apply for ambassador and Moderator programs?

To apply for either program, please join our Discord server and submit a brief statement of interest and a resume to 📩│open-a-ticket section.

Welcome to MY NFT Wars family!



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