My NFT Wars July Update: The Countdown to Alpha Begins!

My NFT Wars: Riftwardens
3 min readAug 4, 2023


Greetings, warriors! The tension is building, the drums of war are beating louder, and the anticipation is at an all-time high. Why? There’s only one month left before My NFT Wars alpha release! This is a significant milestone for our team and an exhilarating moment for our loyal players.

We’re promising an avalanche of Airdrops and activities with the impending launch. It’s an exciting period for the My NFT Wars community and a period of immense responsibility for our development and marketing team as we gear up for the game’s first release.

Game Development Progress

Game Design

We’re delighted to report significant progress in the development front. Our Game Design Document and Narrative for the alpha release have both reached 100% completion! Balancing and work on in-game economy are progressing steadily. Simultaneously, level design is actively in the works.

Client Side Development

Our infrastructure, core local map, core PvE battle system, characters system, creeps, NPCs, and city features have all been successfully implemented. Work on the quest and dialogue systems, client/server integration, and content integration are currently in progress.


The alpha-version interface is done, we also implemented new icons. We’re now focusing on the tutorial, which is currently in the works.

Backend Side Development

Our team has finished the Meta Game Cluster development, but now we are working on Core Game Cluster. The local map logic is completed, and player service development is underway.

ART Showcase

We’re thrilled to share sneak peeks of our art and animation work. Keep your eyes peeled for these glimpses into the vibrant world of My NFT Wars!

Community Events

Our recently concluded Zealy competition was a resounding success! Over 1500 people participated and were crowned as ambassadors. They championed My NFT Wars by creating content, bolstering our social network presence, and spiking activity on our posts.

And guess what? Our ambassador program is always open! You can read more about it here and join to start earning right now. Who knows? Maybe you’ll be among the leaders!

Weekly Activities and More

That’s not all! There are loads more opportunities to win prizes in the coming weeks. We have various engaging weekly activities lined up, complete with appealing perks to keep you captivated. Remember to join our dynamic Discord community and stay up to date on Twitter to make sure to get all the exciting news and exclusive reward.

In other exciting news, the My NFT Wars rebranding process is almost complete! We’re brimming with anticipation to unveil our fresh new website and engaging promo video. Stay tuned, warriors!

We’re at the finish line now. The countdown to the alpha release of My NFT Wars has begun, and the thrill of battle draws ever closer. It’s time to sharpen your weapons and prepare for war!

Thanks for being part of our journey. We can’t wait to welcome you to the battlefield!

My NFT Wars team.



My NFT Wars: Riftwardens

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