My NFT Wars: Riftwardens
2 min readAug 23, 2023


My NFT Wars Ecosystem: Unveiling Riftwardens, the Next Evolution

Witness the dawn of a new era within the My NFT Wars ecosystem as we introduce Riftwardens, the highly anticipated inaugural game in our immersive world of My NFT Wars. Brace yourself for an immersive experience in a shattered universe, where you hold the power to harness Rifts and become a legendary hero! Explore the dynamic synergy Riftwardens in the expansive My NFT Wars ecosystem, where your journey awaits.

Dear adventurers and guardians of realms,

We stand before you today to unveil an exciting evolution within our game ecosystem. After deep reflection and being inspired by the extraordinary narrative that unfolded in a sizeable shattered universe, we are thrilled to announce that our game will now be known as “Riftwardens” and it’s the first game in MY NFT Wars Ecosystem!

In the magnificent Universe, where the collision of cosmic forces caused a cataclysmic shattering, giving birth to interdimensional Rifts, you, as heroes from diverse worlds, have learned to harness the power of these portals. Your noble quest is to protect your realms and uphold the delicate balance within the Universe.

As rift wardens, you will face formidable conflicts and battles as factions relentlessly seek to exploit the Rifts for their gain, plunging the Universe into a struggle for power and control. It is your solemn duty to oppose the sinister Voidbringers, whose intentions threaten the very fabric of our existence.

Amidst this turmoil, the Source, a wise and perceptive entity, re-emerges from the depths of the Universe. It senses the instability and chaos and offers guidance, illuminating the path toward restoring order and equilibrium. Embrace the chaos as you traverse through uncharted dimensions, where new worlds await your arrival.

We are proud to share that “Riftwardens” will embody of this grand odyssey, where you, the brave heroes, shall etch your names into the history chronicles. Remember, My NFT Wars shall serve as the encompassing ecosystem, nurturing the growth and prosperity of the Riftwardens game.

Prepare for an extraordinary adventure that awaits within the realm of Riftwardens. Unleash your courage, unite with fellow warriors, and let the power of the Rifts guide you through this epic journey.

Stay tuned for further updates as we embark on this thrilling new chapter together.

With unwavering excitement,

My NFT Wars: Riftwardens team

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My NFT Wars: Riftwardens

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