Alpha Release of My NFT Wars: Riftwardens is Ready for You!

My NFT Wars: Riftwardens
4 min readSep 19, 2023

Greetings, brave Riftwardens!

We’re ecstatic to announce that after months of dedicated effort, sleepless nights, and endless testing, the Alpha version of My NFT Wars: Riftwardens is alive and running! Launched on the 31st of August, our game is already making waves in the blockchain gaming ecosystem.

But don’t just take our word for it. Experience the magic first-hand by watching our promo video.

Alpha access: What you need to know

The excitement around My NFT Wars: Riftwardens’ Alpha launch has been overwhelming, leading to a large queue of eager players. We’re actively sending out invites, so if you’re still waiting, hang tight — the rollout will last a month. Rest assured that we’re diligently working to onboard everyone.

Our alpha participants have received a personal email, granting access to our exclusive Discord channel designated for confirmed alpha testers. This premium group provides a unique environment where you can communicate directly with the developers, influencing the future of My NFT Wars: Riftwardens. Your feedback is invaluable to us!

A pro tip for all our responsible alpha testers: please clear your cache each time you launch the game to experience the latest improvements.

To become an alpha tester, you still have a chance to join the ranks. Visit our website at, complete the Alpha access registration and verification process, and you’ll be in line to enjoy our game soon.

A Sneak Peek Inside the Alpha: Experience the Gameplay

You can both observe and personally experience some of the game’s fundamental mechanics. Rest assured, these elements will undergo further polishing and enhancements as we progress toward the Beta version.

Our alpha release of My NFT Wars: Riftwardens features fundamental game mechanics, offering you a glimpse of the game’s developmental direction. While blockchain mechanics are actively under development, they won’t be part of the alpha release; they are slated for inclusion in the next phase of game release. At the Alpha stage, you will have the opportunity to thoroughly explore the PlayFi game, which aligns with our ultimate goal.

The journey as a Riftwarden is only just beginning, and the road ahead promises an enthralling adventure.

The My NFT Wars: Riftwardens Alpha Program

Coinciding with our alpha launch, we launched the My NFT Wars: Riftwardens Alpha Program. This initiative offers you the chance to win a plethora of exciting prizes. We’re not limiting it to USTDS, MyCoins, and unique NFTs, there’s also a range of in-game bonuses waiting for you to claim! Stay in the loop with our Twitter and Discord channels to participate and win!

Additionally, our Zealy sprints are in full swing. Check out the quests on Zealy to participate and claim your perks. Weekly, we bring forth new quests, each accompanied by tempting prize pools. These quests present ample opportunities for you to immerse yourself even further in the captivating universe of My NFT Wars: Riftwardens.

We have also announced our participation in the Earn Alliance Mint Marathon. Don’t miss the opportunity to mint unique NFTs from My NFT Wars: Riftwardens. Stay tuned for the updates.

Stay tuned for an incredible journey ahead, as we continue to build, refine, and expand the My NFT Wars universe. Your journey as a Riftwarden is just beginning, and we’re thrilled to have you with us.

Visit My NFT Wars: Riftwardens site, join our Discord and follow us on Twitter for further updates. See you in the game!



My NFT Wars: Riftwardens

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